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        Li Hongjun Investigates Key Enterprises in the City’s Biomedical Industry

        Li Hongjun investigated the key enterprises in the city’s biomedical industry. On February 14, Li Hongjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went deep into Nanchang High tech Zone and made a special investigation on the development of key enterprises in the city’s biomedical industry. Wang Wanzheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the District Party Working Committee, and Zhao Jie, vice mayor, participated in the survey


        During the survey, Li Hongjun successively went to Nanchang Hongyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Haoran Bio-pharma Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jiminxin Group and other key enterprises to inspect new technologies and products, understand the business operation, production and sales of products, listen to the development planning report, and coordinate to solve problems and difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises.
        Li Hongjun hopes that entrepreneurs will adhere to innovation drive, attach importance to talent team construction, increase investment in scientific research, improve independent R&D and innovation capabilities, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, introduce more new products and specific drugs, enrich product categories, and stretch the industrial chain with all efforts. Strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, constantly improve the utilization efficiency of standard plants, accelerate the formation of a closed loop of R&D, production and sales, further optimize the equity structure, expand the market share, and promote the pace of enterprise listing. Give more suggestions and contributions to the development of Nanchang’s bio pharmaceutical industry, promote the innovative development of Nanchang’s bio pharmaceutical industry, become bigger and stronger, and realize the co growth of enterprises and cities.


        Li Hongjun stressed that the biomedical industry has broad prospects for development. All relevant departments should fully and accurately implement the new development concept, seize the current industrial development opportunities, constantly improve the service system, increase technological innovation, and strive to improve the industrial level and core competitiveness. We should adhere to the policy of “one industry, one policy” and “one enterprise, one policy”, and take the initiative to provide door-to-door and active services to solve problems for enterprises, reduce the burden on enterprises, and create a good environment for enterprise development and industrial expansion.

        Post time: Feb-14-2022